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Presentations from students & postdocs to everyone interested.

HTEC is a bi-monthly seminar series joined by 7 labs (Torres-Padilla; Bartke; Vincendeau; Schotta; Müller-Planitz; Braun; Bultmann) with more than 25 participants from 3 different campuses (LMU Martinsried Campus with the BMC and the BioCenter; Helmholtz Zentrum Grosshadern; Helmholtz Zentrum Neuherberg). Our goal is to foster scientific exchange in a non-formal setting and to stimulate local collaborations in the areas of heterochromatin, gene silencing, retrotransposons and other repetitive elements.

If you are interested to join, please get in contact:

List of participants and previous seminars (protected)

Kick-off Meeting January 17, 2019 at the Helmholtz Zentrum (Grosshadern), with Adam Burton (Torres-Padilla Lab) and Zeyang Wang (Schotta Lab presenting). Many people came, students and postdocs asked questions and discussed. PIs listened, leaned back & enjoyed. Ongoing discussions and socializing over pizza and beer with many of us staying late — a terrific start! Thanks everyone for contributing!

Next seminar

  • January 23 2020: Petra Vizjak (Müller-Planitz) & Manuel Guthmann (Torres-Padilla)

Past seminars (2019)

  • January 17 2019: Adam Burton (Torres-Padilla) & Zeyang Wang (Schotta)
  • March 21 2019: Christopher Mulholland (Bultmann)  & Lucía Martín Caballero (Braun)
  • May 21 2019: Andrey Tvardovskiy (Bartke) & Vidya Padmanabhan  (Vincendeau)
  • August 8 2019: Paul Scholz (Bultmann) & Irina Shcherbakova (Schotta)
  • November 14 2019: Natasha Jansz (Torres-Padilla) & Thomas van Emden (Braun)

Future seminars (2020)

  • March 2020