Hello, I’m Karl and I’m from the UK. I have been a PhD student in the Braun lab since 2019.

Previously, I studied a MScR in Biomedical Sciences in Edinburgh until late 2018. Here, I worked on the NF-kB pathway and the nucleolus in the Stark lab (Cancer Research UK). Then, I worked on the spatial and temporal control of heterochromatin in the Bickmore lab (Human Genetics Unit).

Prior to this I studied a BSc in Molecular Biology (with Forensics) in Nottingham (UK) and did 2 internships.  In one I worked on mechanisms of novel anti-cancer drugs in cervical/colorectal cancer cell lines in the Delmas lab (INSERM, Dijon, France). In the other, I worked on methods of microbe identification (Nottingham).

During my studies I became very interested in epigenetics and heterochromatic regulation. This led to my first co-authorship during my MScR and successful application for the IMPRS Molecular Life Sciences PhD program.

In the Braun lab I am working on the regulation of heterochromatin.

When I am not in the lab, I’m hiking, reading and exploring Bavaria. Otherwise I’m either watching or writing music.

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What the Braun Lab says about Karl:

“KO, does that stand for Karl Olsen or for Knock Out?”

“Want to keep in touch? Do not hesitate to ask him for one of his famous business cards”

“He’s the master of the ‘floss dance’!

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