BraunLab retreat 2019 in Barcelona

After the 10th EMBO Workshop on Fission Yeast (aka pombe meeting), happening in Barcelona on July 14-19 2019, we started our first lab retreat. Among other things, we presented new techniques that we would like to establish in the lab, and each of us practiced an elevator pitch for our projects!

It was a great experience, we improved our bonding as a team and we came back with a lot of valuable memories!

 The BraunLab student´s at the reception (with cava!) of the pombe meeting in Barcelona!

Dinner at Baltazars with Marcus Bushbeck. He chose this nice restaurant in the Eixample neighborhood. 

To enjoy the Spanish sun, we presented our elevator pitches in a park close to where we were staying. To make it more challenging, we practiced telling one person while walking.