Hi, I’m Agnisrota , I’m from India and have been a PhD student in Braun lab since 2020 as a part of prestigious Cell2Cell Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative training Network(ITN) program. My main interest is to determine the spatial and temporal dynamics of subtelomeric heterochromatin spreading in S.pombe in collaboration with Al–Sady lab.Previously, I studied MSc in Genomic Science in Central University of Kerala, India until late 2018. Here, I worked on the Insilco identification of microRNAs in Centruroides sculpturatus in Dr. Tony Grace’s lab. I have also worked as a research assistant in Department of biochemistry and molecular biology in Central University of Kerala. This experience has helped me develop critical thinking and convinced me in pursuing PhD. During my studies I became very interested in epigenetics and heterochromatic regulation, which led to my successful application for Cell2Cell ITN network and I joined Braun lab in 2020.

Besides science, music is my escape. I love singing and dancing. Otherwise, I like watching series and reading books. I am always up for running, hiking and adventurous tours.

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