Hi, I am Sigurd. My main interest is exploring molecular mechanisms and functional pathways, combining genetics with quantitative studies and systems biology. I studied Biology at the University of Freiburg, Germany, with focus on signal transduction pathways controlling photo-morphogenesis in plants. I received my PhD from the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in 2005, where I worked on ubiquitin-dependent degradation of ER proteins (ERAD) in the lab of Stefan Jentsch. For my postdoctoral research, I joined the group of Hiten Madhani at UCSF, San Francisco, studying regulatory processes in chromatin biology in S. cerevisiae and S. pombe. When I identified a conserved ubiquitin ligase in a genetic screen for novel silencing factors, I got excited again about ubiquitin-dependent processes, which eventually led to the discovery of the chromatin sculpting pathway that regulates heterochromatin boundaries (Braun et al., Cell 2011 Article). In 2012, I started my own lab at the LMU Munich in the Department of Physiological Chemistry, now located in the Biomedical Center (BMC). I decided to combine chromatin research with systems biology approaches, such as EMAP, and became a RISE (Research Integrating Systems Biology in Epigenetics) member as part of the European Network of Excellence EpigeneSys. I am also affiliated with the International Max Planck Research School of Life Science (IMPRS-LS) and our lab is member of the Collaborative Research Center Chromatin Dynamics. I further organize the Munich Pombe Chromatin Club, which coordinates meetings and network activities among fission yeast labs with focus on chromatin research at the LMU.

Besides science, I enjoy running, hiking, good food and fine wines. Occasionally, I am also up for a photography trip or playing guitar.


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What the Braun Lab says about Sigurd:

“Sigurd is the creator of the famous “wine-tasting” EMAP. We are not sure if this means he turned his work into his hobby or his hobby into his work.”

“Sigurd has patented his very own Munich pub-crawl and YOU will get to try it if you join the lab!”

“Was once in a band and had long hair. Photos of that time are surprisingly hard find…”

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