Hi, I am Lucia! I am from Madrid, Spain, where I carried out my bachelor studies. I studied Biotechnology with an extra qualification in biotechnological research methodology.

During my BSc studies,  I spent a year with an Erasmus grant at the Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland). At a later stage I got an Erasmus internship grant to do my bachelor thesis at the Paul Ehrlich Institut in Langen (Hessen, Germany), in Zoltán Ivics’ group of Transposition and Genome Engineering. This is where I did my first lab work, and I enjoyed and learned a lot. I studied the physical interaction between two transposon-derived proteins in human cell lines.

During the course of my studies I got interested into chromatin and epigenetics. I decided to come to Munich to do an MSc in Biology at the Ludwig Maximilians University,  given the big focus on chromatin and epigenetics. I did my master thesis in the group of Sandra Hake (now Professor at University of Giessen) and studied the role of a novel interactor of the histone variant H2A.Z.  The work in Sandra’s lab helped me develop critical thinking and convinced me in doing a PhD. Also, I realized that staying in Munich would let me continue my scientific training in the amazing field of chromatin.

I successfully applied for the IMPRS for Molecular Life Sciences PhD program and joined Sigurd’s lab in 2016. Currently, I am characterising the role of Lem2.


The time I don’t spend in the lab I enjoy relaxing, reading books, ice skating or watching hockey matches. I also like travelling very much!


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What the Braun Lab says about Lucia:

“Lucia is our main supplier of Spanish candy. We are currently working on the one kilo bag of violettas that she brought with from Madrid.” 

She is our lab´s singstar and DJ.”

She misses Ramon (one of the previous postdocs in the lab) everyday – you will hear her say this very often.” 

She is also our lab meeting guru – her weekly emails make Google calendar unnecessary!” 

She is our resident RNAseq specialist and is also skilled in Y2H-Fu. If you see a skyline of round plate towers on a bench it´s probably hers.”

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