Hi, I’m Thomas, I’m from the Netherlands and have been a PhD student in the Braun Lab since 2016. I studied Biomedical/Biomolecular Sciences in Amsterdam. During my studies I became interested in epigenetics. Therefore I did 3 internships in labs working on different aspects of epigenetics. I worked on H2B ubiquitylation in the van Leeuwen Lab at the NKI in Amsterdam, I studied long range chromatin interaction in the de Laat lab at the Hubrecht institute, for my final intern I went to the Karpen Lab at UC Berkeley to study CENP-A. Before coming to Munich, I worked as a research assistant at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology in Edinburgh. There I worked on Golden Gate Cloning and the kinetochore. In the Braun lab I’m working on Lem2.

When I’m not at the bench I enjoy sports, I like to play and watch soccer, and do judo. I’m running a Twitter page that informs about the menu of the 2 mensas on campus and I can alway use more followers, so give me a follow at MensaMartinsried_De.

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What the Braun Lab says about Thomas:

“Besides silencing by Lem2, Thomas is very excited about writing code. He has already promised several lab members that he’ll write some scripts for them. However sometimes we TOTALLY feel he spends more time writing code for his beer garden website.”

“Actually, he spends more time in the beer garden than writing code. It’s true.”

“Don’t worry if you cannot find any orange piece of equipment in the lab: he will know where it is!”

“He really enjoys a specific type of food and owns a variety of themed shirts that tell you immediately what that food is.”

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