Hi, I am Sabine. I did my training as CTA in Isny, analyzing environmental toxins (e.g. polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates, pesticides) in solids and liquids. In 1993, I moved to Munich and joined the LMU, working on measuring adhesion molecules and quantitatively analyzing products from purine metabolism in blood from patients. After my family leave, in 2008, I worked at the Helmholtz-Zentrum München, performing FACS-Analysis, cell culture work, immunohistochemical methods and lab organization. In 2012, I joined again the LMU to build up together with Sigurd the Braun Lab. Nowadays, I am working on several projects in close collaboration with different lab members and am responsible for the organization of the Braun Lab.

When I´m not in the lab I enjoy running, hiking, biking and traveling. I also like learning new things (e.g. playing cello).

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What the Braun Lab says about Sabine:

“Our webmaster and responsible for our pretty sweet website.”

“Sabine is our lab manager and makes sure we can work smoothly (buffers, ordering, lab organization – everything that makes me sleep better)!”

“Our creative mind when it comes to preparing presents to lab members (so many awesome ideas).”

“She said: I dyed my hair blue, because I have not tried this color yet.”

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