We are members of the DFG-funded the collaborative research center Chromatin Dynamics (Sonderforschungsbereich 1064), and as part of this we work together with many groups of the SFB 1064. As for example with Andreas Ladurner in our department as well as several groups from our direct neighbors at Molecular Biology in the BMC:

  • Imhof group (heterochromatin proteomics)
  • Korber group (nucleosome positioning)
  • Müller-Planitz (nucleosome remodelers)
  • Schotta group (role of Lem2 in metazoans)

Outside the CRC, we also collaborate with many other groups:

  • Bassem Al-Sady, UC San Francisco PubMed
  • Elizabeth Bayne, University Edinburgh PubMed
  • Marc Buhler, FMI Basel PubMed
  • Raffael Daga, CABD Seville PubMed
  • Tamás Fischer, ANU Canberra
  • Mario Halic, Gene Center Munich
  • Fabiana Perocchi, Gene Center Munich
  • Mathieu Rougemaille, Institut Pasteur Paris
  • David Toczyski, UC San Francisco
  • Yuri Schwartz, University Umeå