13.08.21 – Our latest exciting research on dynamic regulation of DNA damage repair is available online

An exciting project led by Matias Capella along with other members of Braun lab and an excellent collaboration with Andreas Ladurner and Boris Pfander is now published in Nature comms. In our latest paper, we unveiled crucial insights into the dynamic regulation of nucleolar rDNA release upon DNA damage. We also show how through specific recognition motifs, Cdc48 binds to the SUMOylated tethering complex thereby breaking the interaction between its partners in an ATP-dependent manner, resulting in rDNA release from the nucleolus and DNA repair by HR machinery. We also found that this repair mechanism is conserved in higher eukaryotes.

Check out our paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-25205-2

23.07.21 – Another fantastic collaborative project is now available online

An interesting paper and collaborative work from our long-standing collaboration with Bassem Al-Sady lab @al-sadylab where we probed the molecular mechanisms by which by the Clr6/RPD3 HDAC spreads heterochromatin outward, is available online. Check out our paper: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.26.117143v2.full.pdf

09.07.21 – A fond farewell

It is sad to see Matias, a post-doc in our lab, leave. With him, we had a great time. Matias did an outstanding job on a variety of projects, collaborations, and publications. He was also a great team player and colleague! We are incredibly proud to have him as part of our team. We wish him the best of luck in his endeavor to start his own laboratory in Argentina. Here’s a glimpse at how we commemorated his last days in lab.

01.07.21 – Pre-print of a collaborative project out now

Pre-print of an exciting joint endeavor from Andreas Ladurner lab that identifies FACT as a unique histone chaperone that specifically promotes heterochromatin spreading and lends support to the model that regulated histone turnover controls the propagation of epigenetic marks is out now. Check out our paper: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.06.30.450523v1

04.06.21 – An exciting collaborative project out now

An exciting collaborative project on a novel story about histone tails, variations, and modifications from Frederic Berger group is now available online. If you’re interested in functional restrictions of H2A variant evolution, check out our paper: https://journals.plos.org/plosgenetics/article?id=10.1371/journal.pgen.1009601

30.05.21 – Pre-print of our new story on Lem2 is out now

The pre-print of our recent fascinating Lem2 research, which was headed by Lucía Martín Caballero, a PhD student, and Matias Capella, a post-doc in our group, is now available. This project was started 5 years ago by former post-doc Ramon R Barrales. It was also an excellent opportunity to collaborate with teams of Yasushi Hiraoka, Tamas Fischer, and Irmi Singing. Here’s a sneak peek at the paper: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.30.446327v1

16.04.21 – Celebrations and good times

A great time was had by all, spending evening together virtually, celebrating all the major achievements in the past 6 months and playing online games. Thanks Sigurd for his wines and beers.

Here’s to future successes, possibilities, good teamwork and great fun.

New BraunLab development will be unveiled soon! Stay tuned!

14.01.2021 – Another collaborative project

A preprint of another great story on the cross talk between modifications of histone variants in an exciting collaboration with the group of Fred Berger is out now.

11.01.2021 – A new publication

An exciting story in collaboration with Fred Berger has now been published in Current Biology.

In a nutshell: What happens if you put a plant histone variant into fission yeast? Introducing plant histone variants in fission yeast, we have shown that the variants can be selected before their segregation to chromatin domains.

05.01.2021 – An exciting story from Matias

A great way to start the year! Preprint of another exciting story by Matias in a terrific collaboration with Imke Mandemaker from the lab of Andreas Ladurner and BorisPfander is out now.

21.12.20 – A new publication

Our exciting work on the budding yeast Lem2 homolog has now been published in Journal of Cell Science.
In a nutshell: We uncovered how alternative splicing of Lem2 homolog modulates ESCRT recruitment during repair of the nuclear envelope, providing another layer of regulation.

18.12.20 – Secret Santa

Celebrating our first virtual Secret Santa. Receiving lovely thoughtful gifts from Secret Santa and sharing good memories from this year made everyone happy and brightened up our day. Thanks to Karl for organising this. We loved it so much that we decided to do it every year. It was a very nice last zoom call and nice ending to a tough year. Now we will be back with more exciting science in 2021.

15.12.20 – HTEC meeting

We are back again with yet another seminar series of our bi-monthly HTEC meeting. Thanks to Karl Olsen (Braun Lab) and Vidya Nair (Vincendeau Lab) for presenting their work.

01.12.20 – Welcome new lab member

A warm welcome to Vishnu Narayanan, our second recruit as an early-stage researcher (ESR) for our Marie-Curie ITN @Cell2_Cell. Vishnu will be studying spatial regulation of subtelomeric chromatin and gene expression in response to environmental stress in collaboration with Angela Taddei Lab.

01.12.20 – A surprise gift for Sigurd

A year full of challenges needs to end with special surprises. Well, this is how we surprised Sigurd with a box full of Müsli encouraging his healthy lifestyle.

06.12.20 Gifts from Nicholas

Saint Nicholas made all of us happy with Christmas stockings full of sweets 🙂

02.11.20 – Lucía´s presentation

Lucía presented her work on the role of the inner nuclear membrane protein Lem2 that goes far beyond silencing of heterochromatin at #epionthespot2020.

21.10.20 — Paula successfully defended her PhD

Congratulations to Paula Georgescu, first PhD student from Braun Lab for successfully defending her thesis:

“H3K36 – dependent anchoring of the KAT Mst2C is required to maintain the balance between euchromatic and heterochromatic domains in S. pombe

We wish her a wonderful career ahead.

29.09.20 — Lab-outing

Our lab-outing “Schmakerl-Tour” to Viktualienmarkt is canceled 🙁 – because of the new corona-restrictions.

16.07.20 – HTEC meetings

To foster healthy scientific interactions in the area of heterochromatin, gene silencing, and retrotransposons we are back with our HTEC seminar series but this time it is a virtual meeting. Thanks to Sofia Groh (Schotta Lab) and Saulius Lukauskas (Bartke Lab) for presenting their work. The meeting was followed by a breakout room session to stimulate social interaction with each other in this hard time of Covid-19 when we are not allowed to meet physically. Special thanks to Abubakar and Manuel for hosting the event.

23.06.20 — Sigurd´s Birthday Party

Under covid situation and strict lockdown, Sigurd’s birthday became an opportunity for all of us to meet again outside our BMC building maintaining the social distancing. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed a delicious strawberry cake made by Sabine.

15.04.20 — New lab member

A warm welcome to Agnisrota Mazumder, our first recruit as early-stage researcher (ESR) for our Marie-Curie ITN @Cell2_Cell. Agnisrota will be studying heterochromatin spreading with support by our longstanding collaboration & Cell2Cell partner the @ASadylab.

16.04.20 – Zoom meeting

When covid-19 upended our lives, online meetings and discussions via zoom became our gateway to share updates and stay connected.

07.04.20 — Tulips from Netherlands

Our little contribution to support and boost wilting Dutch flower industry. They make our everyday lives much more colourful during the lockdown

06.04.20 — New publication

Preview by Matías and Sigurd on the recent publication from the Oliferenko Lab (Crick Institute) in Developmental Cell on how ESCRT proteins promote nuclear envelope resealing in S. japanicus by releasing heterochromatin from the nuclear periphery. Bottom line: To start a new job, you need to finish the old one; and: it’s mostly the MSC domain of Lem2 that matters!

10.02.20 — Braun Lab International Dinner

Our first BLID (Braun Lab International Dinner — there’s a history of coming up with acronyms). Cooking together in the department kitchen, lot of fun. 3 main dishes from Spain (Lucia), Argentina (Matias) and Asia-infused UK (Karl) + a dessert from Pakistan (Abubakar….actually he did a good job in delegating; Indian cuisine is not that different after all).

20.12.19 — Paper accepted

“A great way to end the year”: Paula’s paper on Set2’s role on heterochromatin silencing has now been published in Microbial Cell.
In a nutshell: Here we show how euchromatin contributes to heterochromatin assembly, which “has been a long-standing unsolved question” (reviewer 2). It’s about a deluding paradox, how sequestration of a HAT to H3K36me3 contributes to its specifity, and how maintaining a balance between promoting and antagonistic factors shape the heterochromatin landscape.

17.12.19 — Braunlab CMLDO

16.12.19 — New lab member

From pathogens to pombe: Master’s student Lubna Patel joins us for a 3-month internship to work together with Thomas on Lem2’s multifaceted roles in silencing. Welcome!

10-12.10.19 — SFB 1064 Int’l Symposium Chromatin Dynamics

3-day symposium at the BMC bringing together the chromatin community, with many talks on a hot topic (‘condensates’ — now better known as phase separation) and a memorable keynote by Rick Young (MIT, Cambridge MA). Lucía and Matías presented latest results in the poster session.

06.09.19 — Farewell Alfonso

Farewell party with Alfonso, who staid with us for 6 weeks doing SGA screens and chromatin work. While we’re sad he’s leaving, we’re happy having another friend from Seville and former lab legend visiting us: Ramón—so glad having you back and joining us for some weeks!

01.09.19  —   Braunlab BBQ

We celebrated the last day summer day with BBQing, together with our guest scientist Alfonso Fernandez Alvarez from Seville. Lots of drinks and food (even vegan thanks to Karl). Bad weather did not come until the end. Only complain: “next time, we don’t wait for another three years to do this again”. Message understood!

25.07.19 — 10th Chromatin Day

This year, it was Matías’ turn to present his work on post-translational modifications and genome stability at the 10th annual meeting report of our collaborative research center (SFB 1064 Chromatin Dynamics).

28.05.19     Paper^4: papers & paperwork

To celebrate the recent reviews from Matias and Thomas, Abubakar’s victory over his visa paperwork, and the approval Sigurd got for the ITN (which was a lot of paperwork:p) we went out for dinner and some drinks afterward. Sigurd chose a nice Vietnameese restaurant that set Matias on fire as he didn’t cope so well with the spicy food.

17.05.19     Review^2

Matias and Thomas both wrote reviews that were accepted recently! Thomas wrote a short review article for Current Genetics on telomere-associated sequences (called TAS) and dug a little deeper into the repetitiveness of the TAS (something that has been largely missing in the literature). Matias wrote a News & Views for NSMB on a recent paper from the buehler lab on the inheritance of a ‘neutral’ epiallele. You’ll find both in the publications section of our website.

09.05.19     Twitter

We now have 100 followers on Twitter. Be our 101st follower!

02.04.19    abcam meeting

Lucía and Thomas presented their findings during the poster session at the abcam meeting on Chromatin and Epigenetics.

03-04.19     New Lab members!

After a successful IMPRS interview week Karl and Abubakar joined the Braun Lab. You can read more about them in the “people” section. Funny and insightful comments will probably come after this year’s Braun Lab retreat:p.

23.03.19     BMC open day

This Saturday the BMC (the institute we are located in) opened its doors for the general public. Young and old came to the BMC to see what we work on, how we work, why our work is important and most importantly: to come see the poster and “labxplanation” the Braun Lab prepared. 5 groups of visitors visited our high-throughput bay to learn about our work.

15.12.18     CMLDO

Christmas Market Lab Dining Out! Barely recovered from the ccq1 paper party we got together for our yearly Christmas dinner. We started off at “Alte Utting”, craziest thing: it’s a boat on a bridge in the middle of Munich with a Christmas market around it. When even the mulled wine couldn’t keep us warm we moved to Vesperia for dinner. We had lots of great food and good laughs (potentially induced by the mulled wine:p).

15.11.18     Ccq1 paper party

For celebrating our paper, we went to Cooperativa, a very nice and low key neighborhood restaurant in the Glockenbachviertel (no reservation!) — déjà vu? Yes, this was the place where we went for Ramon’s paper years ago. As nearly none of the current team was present then and would have known about it … we must conclude that even independent lab dining out choices are fully reproducible.

12.10.18     Thomas’ & Marta’s paper got accepted

Our paper on the regulation of nucleosome & genome stability by Ccq1 and TAS (telomere-associated sequences) got accepted today in EMBO Reports! It has been a long way, and the story developed and grew a lot along this journey. Thanks to all authors, friends, colleagues, and anonymous reviewers who contributed to shaping the final story.  And special thanks to Thomas and Marta for not giving up and continuously working on the “last final experiment(s)”!

12-13.09.18     The Secrets of Chromatin Symposium

The BMC celebrated Peter Becker’s 60th birthday with great talks by Carl Wu, Genevieve Almouzni, and past & present members. Impressive insights into science and leadership — and Peter’s “family”. Wonderfully organized by the three musketeers Axel Imhof,  Alexander Brehm, Gernot Längst.
Happy Birthday, Peter!

10-11.09.18     Plants meet pombe

We’ve just had two inspiring days with Frederic Berger and Bingkun Lei, visiting us from the Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna. Great seminar by Fred on H3K27me3 inheritance in Arabidopsis! So much to learn about epigenetics. Sometimes we forget how much pioneering work has been done in plants — actually not only in epigenetics: the DET and COP mutants, which I still remember from my undergrad studies, turned out later to belong to the ubiquitin-proteasome system, which I studied during my PhD.  Remarkable déjà vu.

We’re pretty excited to see where our collaboration with Fred and Bingkun will take us!

20.07.18     Chromatin Day

This year, Lucía presented her work on Lem2 and non-heterochromatin targets at the 9th annual meeting report of our collaborative research center (aka SFB). She showed some latest findings, which were pretty exciting. So, stay tuned!

06.06.18     EMBO workshop poster prize award

Congrats to Matías, who was among the poster prize winners of the EMBO workshop  Chromatin dynamics and nuclear organization at the IGBMC (Illkirch, France). I’d say: well done!

During the meeting we unveiled the well-kept secret what “DNA” really means.

01.05.18     Welcome, Matías!

Welcome to our new lab member Matías Capella! (not a spelling mistake…Mattia left already).
Originally a postdoc at the MPI of Biochemistry, Matías has been a joint member with us for some time (after the sudden loss of Stefan Jentsch) and now became a full member — after successfully securing a new DFG grant: Congratulations! He will be joining the Lem2 team and working in both worlds, budding and fission yeast.

Matías is Argentinian and prefers everything ‘well done’, not just work….

08.01.18     Welcome, Mattia!

Mattia Valentini from Yves Barral’s lab started his internship today. He will be learning the nuts-and-bolts of ChIP in pombe and other useful techniques. Mattia will stay with us for 6 weeks. Exciting!

11.12.17     Zsuzsa’s & Gyula’s farewell party

Various farewell speeches and some surprising gifts for Zsuzsa and Gyula, who are leaving for Szeged, Hungaria. The lab will miss Zsuzsa, our library and screening czar!

05.12.17     Christmas market lab dining outing

In reference to Thomas’ fancy for acronyms, we now call it CMLDO (pronounced “cimaldo”). This year we went for the Christmas Market in Schwabing, followed by dinner at “Ö1”. Interesting place, with many Austrian celebrities at the walls, that is their silhouettes; the one resembling Christiano Ronaldo is in fact Falco, but the kids are apparently too young to know who that is… Later drinks at the new “Schwabinger 7”. On a side note: a WWII bomb was previously found on the ground of the old S7, which then had to be detonated (after evacuating the entire neighborhood; the denotation could be heard over the entire city). I used to go there before and found the place somehow ‘special’ even without knowing that I’ve been sitting on a bomb…

15.11.17     Smolle — Siegel — Braun Labs outing

The Siegel lab recently joined our department, becoming direct neighbors of our lab and the Smolle team. Welcome! We decided to do a lab outing with ‘Exit the Room’ and dining afterwards. We enjoyed this a lot, but admittedly our team failed miserably on finding the exit….

26.09.17     Wiesn 2017

As this was Thomas’ Birthday, we made a spontaneous visit at the Wiesn. Happens to be a good place to meet Thomas anyway these days (who could be more Bavarian than a Dutch?).

We also learned that Lucía is a real shooting star (literally!)

16.08.17     BBQ

Our summer BBQ – without rain 🙂

Many Thanks to Sabine who invited us to her place making the bad weather curse gone!

11.08.17     Paper accepted in JCB

Our paper with Rafael Daga’s lab on the TRP nucleoporin protein Alm1 got accepted for JCB! This nice collaboration started years back when Paola from Rafa’s lab joined us for a 3-month visit. Congrats to Paola, Ramón and all others!

28.07.17    Chromatin Day

Thomas presented an update on our Ccq1 story and its role in nucleosome stability at the 8th annual Chromatin day of our CRC.

09.05.17     Paula’s & Valentin’s paper accepted

Our paper together with Vale and Marc was accepted in Mol Cell today! Congrats to everyone who contributed to this nice story! So, there was at least something good about not doing the hike today. Instead, Paula and Thomas went for buying bubbles…

08.05.17     Braun lab hike — cancelled

We need to find out what we did to the weather god, as this was the x-th attempt that we tried to go for our hike (maybe working too often at sunny weekends…?)

02.05.17     Braun lab website goes online

Hooray! Thanks to the heroic efforts by Sabine and Thomas, our website goes online today!

15.03.17     Evaluation of our Collaborative Research Center Chromatin Plasticity

Sigurd gave a talk, Lucia and Thomas presented posters for the next round of funding of our CRC. At dinner at the Augustiner afterwards, the idea of the Munich pub-crawl was born…

24.12.16    The Braun lab wishes everyone Happy Holidays!

13.12.2016    Christmas market lab going out

This year christmas market at the Weissenburger Platz in Haidhausen (crowds and Glühwein made us play hide and seek). Later dinner at Alter Simpel (again — it’s becoming another Munich classic). Sigurd then took the brave ones remaining to the hangout places he once used to go….

31.10.2016     ExtraView on Ramon’s Lem2 story published in Nucleus

27.10.2016    Marta’s farewell party

Piñatas are a must for Spanish (sorry: Catalan) people leaving the lab… we still look for an effective way to collect all the confetti afterwards. We’ll miss Marta! The average pace of seminars will certainly drop.

16.08.2016    Potluck at Sigurd’s place

01.08.2016    Ramon’s farewell party

Summarizing all Ramón’s achievements takes time. (Looks like that all food and drinks and everyone else have already been gone…)
We’re all gonna miss Ramón. Some of us remind us on a daily basis.

21.07.16    Chromatin Day

Paula presented her work on Pdp3 at the 7th annual Chromatin day of our CRC (aka SFB)

01.06.2106    Welcome,  Thomas!

Thomas starts today his PhD in the BraunLab! Although lab members were happy having a guy joining the lab, this is only one of the many qualities of Thomas. He will also join the Lem2 team.

17.05.2106    Welcome,  Min!

Mingoo starts his DAAD RISE internship. He will be working with Paula on Epe1.

15.04.2016    Welcome, Lucía!

Lucía starts today her PhD in the BraunLab! Keeping Spanish tradition in the lab is prerogative! She will join the Lem2 team.

01.04.2016 MicroView on Ramon’s Lem2 story published in Microbial Cell

Very artful cover! Becomes pretty clear that Lem2 is good for something (these green dots are not supposed to be there where they are)

15.01.2016   Paper out & party

Today, Ramón’s Gene & Dev paper came out. We celebrated at the Cooperativa. Providing free drinks makes people stay.

27.07.2015   Chromatin Day

Marta presented her work on CLRC at the 6th annual Chromatin day

21.08.2014     2nd BraunLab hike

Prinzenweg: Schliersee-Tegernsee. We learned our lesson: this time less altitude difference but more but stops at huts.

30.07.2014   Chromatin Day

Ramón presented his work on Lem2 at the 5th annual Chromatin day

25.02.2014   Lab going out

Schnitzelessen im Steinheil — a Munich classic (if you look for the side dishes: they are under the Schnitzel)

17.02.2014    Welcome, Sabine!

Sabine starts her internship in the BraunLab. She will be working together with Ramón on hits from his screen (and learning how fast Ramón can get things done). While only here for two months, she’ll be back soon again. Hasta la vista.

01.11.2013    Welcome, Michael!

Michael starts his internship in the BraunLab. He will be working together with Marta on Epe1.

02.10.2013    Wiesn

aka Oktoberfest for non-natives

21.08.2013    Scott’s Farewell-Party

There are many things that we will miss. For sure loud music. The Fixie bike in the lab. Scott cheering up everybody. But also his sighs when sterilizing plastic ware in 100% ethanol after working half the night as barkeeper in the student housing.

30.07.2013    1st Braun Lab hike

Herzogstand-Heimgarten (we started out ambitious). Note: when you are at the top, the hard part just begins, which is to get down again.

01.02.2013    Welcome, Marta!

Marta starts her postdoc in the BraunLab. Marta is from Barcelona, which is located in Spain but not exactly spanish. We learned the difference when Marta and Ramón started talking the very first time. Marta will be working on Epe1 and Rik1.

12.12.2012    Christmas market lab going out

Drinking Glühwein is tradition, but you can get also Met at the Medieval Christmas market (don’t fear the crowds). Scott doesn’t miss an opportunity to get an appetizer. Later dinner at Alter Simpel, a traditional place on Türkenstrasse.

01.09.2012    Welcome, Scott!

Scott starts his Master’s Thesis work placement in the BraunLab.  Scott is from Glasgow and a very interesting fellow. He likes wearing shorts, riding fixies and listening to heavy music or Jazz. He’s also very creative and takes movies with one-photo-each-day pictures. He will be working on Rik1.

02.05.2012    Welcome, Ramón!

Ramón starts his postdoc today.  While new to the BraunLab, our neighbors from Molecular Biology know Ramón well from his previous stays as a visiting student (and acknowledge his home brewery skills). Ramón will establish the SGA screens in our lab.

15.04.2012     Welcome, Paula!

Paula starts her internship in the Braunlab. This will be the begin of long and close tie with the Braunlab. Paula will be working on Epe1, an on-and-off relationship during her stay in the BraunLab.

01.02.2012    Welcome, Sabine!

Sabine joins the Braunlab! She’s actually the first member! She will run the organization of the lab. (BIG task!)