Hi, I am Kathrin. I did my training as a laboratory assistant in the chemical industry and worked on quality management and process optimization. Later on, I attended the University of applied science and received a diploma degree in process and environmental engineering. In the pharmaceutical industry, I worked in medical diagnostics and was in charge of editing requests for diagnostic samples and the administration of a serum bank. I also worked in IT service as a sales representative as well as in agro- and environmental analysis in customer service, taking care of various tasks including customer consulting, handling of customer requests, or statistical evaluations. Before I joined the Department of Physiological Chemistry at the LMU in 2015, I completed an advanced training of a technical assistant for molecular biology and cell culture at the Berlin-Buch campus for six months. In the Braun Lab, I am responsible for the preparation of all liquid and solid growth media for yeast with different antibiotics that are used for genetic screens and SGA (synthetic genetic array) analysis.


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What the Braun Lab says about Kathrin:

“Any media wishes? Write them on the board, and she’ll make them in a sway! SPECIAL wishes included 😉

“If you know HOW many screens we do, you’d know how many plates and pads she cleans for us!”

“Without Kathrin our lab would come to a grinding halt!” 

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